Can I Eat In the Library?

In Read This on October 21, 2014 at 3:08 pm

A few students have asked about food in the library. Yes, we allow eating and drinking in the library, with these limitations:

1. If you eat in the library, treat like your parent’s living room: be careful, clean up and throw your trash away, and recycle!

2. Snacks only in the library. No meals, please. If you order a pizza or Jimmy John’s, please eat you meal in the student lounge or outside on a table.

3. If you order food for delivery, please make arrangements to meet the delivery person in the lobby or outside. We won’t accept deliveries at the Circulation or Reference Desks.

Thanks for asking!


Fall Break is Just Around the Corner

In News & Notes on October 17, 2014 at 4:06 pm

Schmid Law Library is open normal hours during the UNL Fall Break. Reference will be available on Monday from 8am – 5pm.

1st floor study

New Books @SchmidLibrary

In Check This Out on October 9, 2014 at 3:43 pm

New Books @Schmid Law Library as of October 8, 2014. The title link will direct you to the catalog record for availability, details and more info. New books check out for two weeks.

Mirandized Statements: Successfully Navigating the Legal and Psychological Issues by Richard Rogers and Eric Drogin, 2014

Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Lawyer by Kenneth Vercammon, 2014

The Innocent Killer: A True Story of a Wrongful Conviction and Its Astonishing Aftermath by Michael Griesbach, 2013

IP Attorney’s Handbook for Insurance Coverage in Intellectual Property Disputes by David A. Gauntlett, 2014

Transactions Without Borders: A Client and Lawyer’s Guide to Overseas Operations by David A. Steiger, 2014

Building the Construction Case: A Blueprint for Litigators by George F. Burns & Michael R. Bosse, 2014

Blindfolds Off: Judges on How They Decide by Joel Cohen, 2014

Aviation Regulation in the United States by David Heffernan & Brent Connor, 2014

Spoliation of Evidence: Sanctions and Remedies for Destruction of Evidence in Civil Litigation, 3rd by Margaret M. Koesel, Tracey L. Turnbull and edited by Daniel F. Gourash, 2013

Think Like a Lawyer: Legal Reasoning for Law Students and Business Professionals by E. Scott Fruehwald, 2013

One Size Never Fits All: Business Development Strategies Tailored for Women (And Most Men) by Dr. Arin N. Reeves, 2014

Magna Carta and the Rule of Law by Daniel Barstow Magraw, Andrea Martinez & Roy E Brownell II, 2014

Trying Your First Case: A Practitioner’s Guide edited by Nash Long, 2014

The Photography Law Handbook by Steven M. Richman, 2014

Standards for Programs Providing Civil Pro Bono Legal Services to Persons of Limited Means by ABA Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service, 2014

The Technology Transfer Law Handbook edited by Elizabeth Rodriquez & Sean Solberg, 2014

Pass the Bar Exam: A Practical Guide to Achieving Academic & Professional Goals by Sara J. Berman, 2013

What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Immigration Law edited by Jennifer A. Hermansky & Kate Kalmykov, 2014

Alzheimer’s and the Law: Counseling Clients with Dementia and Their Families by Kerry Peck & Rich L. Law, 2013

Fundamentals of Title Insurance by James L. Gosdin, 2014

Promoting the Rule of Law: A Practitioner’s Guide to Key Issues and Developments edited by Lelia Mooney, 2013

Immigration Relief: Legal Assistance for Noncitizen Crime Victims by Rachel Gonzalez Settlage, Elizabeth Anne Campbell & Veronica Tobar Thronson, 2014

Criminal Procedure in Practice, 4th ed. by Paul Marcus, Melanie D. Wilson & Jack B. Zimmerman, 2014

The Creative Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Authentic Professional Satisfaction, 2nd ed. by Michael F. Melcher, 2014

Mark Twain vs. Lawyers, Lawmakers, and Lawbreakers: Humorous Observations by Kenneth Bresler, 2014

Kafka’s Law: The Trial and American Criminal Justice by Robert P. Burns, 2014

Judicial Politics in the United States by Mark C. Miller, 2015

Acquittal: An Insider Reveals the Stories and Strategies Behind Today’s Most Infamous Verdicts by Richard Gabriel, 2014

Constitutional Conflicts Between Congress and the President, 6th ed., Revised by Louis Fischer, 2014

Checking the Courts: Law, Ideology, and Contingent Discretion by Kirk A. Randazzo & Richard W. Waterman, 2014

Administrative Law for Public Managers by David H Rosenbloom, 2015

The Library Beyond the Book by Jeffrey T. Schnapp & Matthew Battles, 2014

Are Libraries Obsolete? An Argument for Relevance in the Digital Age by Mark Y. Herring, 2014


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