The Power of CALI

In Check This Out on October 3, 2011 at 1:52 pm

One of the resources available to faculty, staff and students is CALI – computer assisted legal instruction. CALI is primarily known for electronic exercises, but also has other resources that you might find helpful.

CALI’s electronic exercises provide instruction in almost every area of the law. These exercises:
• Cover topical areas for 1L students and upper class students.
• Cover a variety of issues from basic (“Anatomy of a Case”) to more complex (“The Law of Equipment Leasing: Article 2A of the UCC”).
• Can take from 15 minutes to five hours to complete.

In addition to over 1000 electronic exercises, CALI also provides access to some ebooks, podcasts and webinars. All UNL law faculty, staff and students have access to CALI. If you haven’t visited the website recently or used some of the resources, please take a look; there may be something new for you. If you’d like more information, can’t find your CALI login information, or just have general questions about any of the resources available on CALI, don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other librarians.

  1. My first time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.

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