Searching for library e-books

In Check This Out on October 20, 2011 at 5:51 pm

Did you know that the UNL Libraries and Schmid Law Library have approximately 400,000 e-book titles!  Some books are only available as an e-book, others titles provide an e-book as one format for the item.

To search all the e-books available in the library catalog; using the classic catalog advanced search option, put an asterisk (*) in the first “any field” box and change the second box to a subject search for “electronic books.”  The enormous results list defaults to the most current e-books in the system.

ebook search

If you want to narrow the e-book results to a specific subject area, use the same search pattern but add the subject area in the third box.  Using a “Subject” search instead of an “Any Field” search will narrow the results to a more manageable size.

subject ebook search

Ask your reference librarian if you have other questions about e-books.  Also note: this search can be replicated in encore.  Happy researching!


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