Library Resources for You!

In Read This on February 23, 2012 at 7:01 pm

The semester is moving along, assignments are coming due and we know students are looking for the right book, article or case for your project.

Did you know the library subscribes to an impressive list of database and resources just for our law students?  Check out the complete Resource Tools list here but first, let’s highlight a couple that will help you!

BNA: Electronic subscription to BNA materials covering the following subjects: Antitrust, Banking, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Criminal Law, Employee Benefits, Employment and Labor, Environment and Safety, Ethics, Family Law, Health Care, Homeland Security, Intellectual Property, International Law, International Tax, Litigation, Product Liability, Securities and Corporate Responsibility, Tax, Trade and Commerce

Environmental Law Reporter: Provides analysis and reporting on every aspect of environmental law. Includes current news, articles, cases, administrative documents, environmental statutes, international treaties and federal and state regulations.  (Online version of the Environmental Law Reporter, containing news and analysis, topical updates, and guidance and policy directives.)

Hein Online: Available collections: Law Journals, European Center for Minority Issues, Federal Register, Legal Classics Treaties and Agreements, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, U.S. Federal Legislative Histories, U.S. Statutes at large, U.S. Supreme Court  (Full text of hundreds of legal periodicals from their first issue to, in many cases, the current issue. Format is image-based, presenting the exact page image and complete contents of the original materials including articles, essays, book reviews, etc. Searchable by author, title, keyword, and citation. Browseable by journal title, author, and article title.)

Please note: Databases are available through computers on campus, and home access to UNL faculty, staff and students, a few may require passwords for remote access.  See a Schmid Law Librarian for details.


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