Digital Scholarship @UNL

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Digital Scholarship @UNL
The faculty at the Law College are very active scholars and write many articles and/or book chapters. Finding and reading their work has never been easier than now with our participation in the University’s Digital Commons. UNL’s Digital Commons is one of the largest and most active in the world. In fact, UNL was a pioneer of the concept.

The UNL Digital Commons is the University’s Institutional Digital Repository, which means that it’s a place where the scholarship of our faculty is also stored online by the University Libraries. Known as Digital Commons, it houses 62,460 works (mostly articles published in various national and international journals) in 676 disciplines! Categories include an Open Access Archive, Peer-Reviewed Journals and Series (open-access), and UNL Dissertations from ProQuest. UNL’s Digital Commons download figures are staggering: to date, it has seen nearly 17 million downloads, and over 6 million in the last year alone!

The Law College has several collections available in the UNL Digital Commons these include: Books by College of Law Faculty, Faculty Publications, Documents on Water Law, Documents on Outer Space Law, Nebraska State Constitution, Space & Telecommunications Law Program Faculty Publications, Schmid Law Library Faculty Publications and The Nebraska Transcript.

The online archive of the Nebraska Law Review is also available in this collection,

To browse any of the College of Law collections or faculty publications, visit


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