STIRring It Up One Last Time

In Check This Out on April 16, 2013 at 4:26 pm


“STIRring It Up” is a distillation of the 15-minute presentations in the law college from the S.T.I.R. Talks series at the law college.

The presentations are recorded and made available in YouTube at the STIR Talks channel.

Please visit the YouTube channel for this and other S.T.I.R. talks.

Professor Kristen Blankley: “Unbundled Legal Services”

Unbundled legal services, or “limited scope representation,” allows attorneys more flexibility in working with clients. Limited scope representation is permitted by ethics rules, as long as fees and representation are reasonable. This can help previously “unrepresentable” clients obtain legal assistance.

Professor Blankley encourages us to explore limited scope representation that focuses on settlement options, not litigation options, as this provides advantages for negotiated settlement, and collaborative lawyering. This approach can help reduce excess court workload from pro se actions, helps ease the burden on legal aid offices, and positively impact law clinics. In a nutshell it introduces satisfying client interests with limited attorney time. It turns “nobodys client into your client.”

To read her research, go to her SSRN pages:

The April 9 talk was the final S.T.I.R. talk for the academic year.

By Professor Brian Striman


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