“PLL” What’s In a Name? ‘Librarian,’ That’s What!

In News & Notes on October 21, 2013 at 6:39 pm

This Wednesday, October 23, at Noon, Central Time, the Law Librarian Conversations radio show with Richard Leiter and co-host Marcia Dority Baker will host the PLL-SIS Executive Board in a conversation about the “new normal” in private firm libraries.

Please join us in a conversation about the proposed name change for PL-SIS and all the interesting corollaries that the question naturally raises: changing roles of law librarians in law firms (and elsewhere?), how do these changes effect what we teach our law students? For us as professionals, is the word “library” associating us with an old-fashioned body of materials and place that no longer describes our diverse roles in our institutions?

Law Librarian Conversations
Listen in to the show or join the chatroom here:

Participate by calling in here:
(347) 945-7183

Don’t forget: you can download later from iTunes or another podcasting aggregator.


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