Tech Tips for November 4th…

In Check This Out on November 4, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Tech Tips of the Week:
The Constitute Project. If you are interested in seeing how constitutions of the world compare, check out, a project seeded by Google Ideas and built by faculty members from the University of Texas, University of Chicago and University College London.

CopyClip. If you do substantial amounts of writing in which you “cut and paste” from one document to multiple documents, CopyClip is an ingenious and clever new utility that will change your life. And it’s free! CopyClip stores the last 50 (by default, but can be changed to store many more) “copy” commands that ordinarily are stored one at a time on your clipboard so that you can easily go back and use those same clipboard items for later use. Find the application here, or visit the developer’s website at

PREZI is a very popular and catchy presentation platform that can literally make your presentations zip! There is an excellent iPad App that allows you to create and present PREZIs from your iPad!


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