Sports Concussions and the Law Display

In Check This Out on December 4, 2013 at 2:16 pm

The Schmid Law Library’s displays are a “big hit” this time, check out the first and second floor exhibits. We are currently featuring Sports Concussions and the Law with the focus being primarily on football-related concussions. Hockey is also given a portion of the displays, with both cases having older real professional football helmets, and one Nebraska real-size display helmet.

1st floor display, concussions

There are QR codes for many of the abbreviated articles, visitors with smartphones can read the entire article at leisure. Not only does the exhibit look at direct concussions related to hard contact sports, but also looks at genetics, with a growing body of scientific study being done indicating some athletes will have a predisposed genetic condition which makes them much more vulnerable to concussion and heart attack. There are many legal aspects to this topic, among them being privacy (e.g., genetic testing) vs. safety (personal knowledge of the risks and organizational liability). Please take time to check this out. The Concussions display idea was suggested by Professor Lyons; the display research and set up by was done by Professor Striman and Margaret Gipson.

2nd floor display, concussions


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