Resource of the Week: Casemaker

In Check This Out on September 14, 2015 at 3:22 pm

Resource of the Week: Casemaker
Known in Nebraska as the free online resource available with NE State Bar membership, few know about it’s hidden strength: state statutes. Surprisingly, Casemaker actually has faster, cleaner and more accurate access to state statutes than any of the other services including the “big three,” Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg. In fact, some of these other companies license their state code materials from Casemaker!

Getting access to Casemaker is easy, too. Students merely need to navigate to the NE Sate Bar’s website at and click on the Join NSBA button at the top of the webpage. Follow the instructions to join as a student member, which is free. As a member of the state bar, you will now have free access to Casemaker.

In addition to excellent state code resources, Casemaker is also developing access to many hard to get secondary materials, case citators and is continuing to develop its search engine for doing case law research.



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