New Books @SchmidLibrary

In Check This Out on November 24, 2015 at 7:49 pm

New Books @Schmid Law Library as of November 18, 2015. The title link will direct you to the catalog record for availability, details and more information. New books check out for two weeks.

The Perfect Villain: John McCain and the Demonization of Lobbyist Jack Abramoff by Gary Chafetz, 2008

Typography for Lawyers: Essential Tools for Polished & Persuasive Documents, 2nd ed. by Matthew Butterick, 2015

Regulation of Commercial Space Transport: The Astrocizing of ICAO by Ruwantissa Aberyratne, 2015

Defining the Limits of Outer Space Regulatory Purposes by Olavo Oliveria Bittencourt Neto, 2015

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law by Stephen McJohn & Lorie Graham, 2015

Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples by Joan M. Burda, 2015

Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics, 2nd ed. by G. Christopher Ritter, 2015

The Election Law Primer for Corporations, 6th ed. by Jan Witold Baran, 2015

What is…Qui Tam? By Monica Navarro & J. Marc Vezina, 2015


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