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Tech Tips for November 4th…

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Tech Tips of the Week:
The Constitute Project. If you are interested in seeing how constitutions of the world compare, check out, a project seeded by Google Ideas and built by faculty members from the University of Texas, University of Chicago and University College London.

CopyClip. If you do substantial amounts of writing in which you “cut and paste” from one document to multiple documents, CopyClip is an ingenious and clever new utility that will change your life. And it’s free! CopyClip stores the last 50 (by default, but can be changed to store many more) “copy” commands that ordinarily are stored one at a time on your clipboard so that you can easily go back and use those same clipboard items for later use. Find the application here, or visit the developer’s website at

PREZI is a very popular and catchy presentation platform that can literally make your presentations zip! There is an excellent iPad App that allows you to create and present PREZIs from your iPad!


Digital Tip for March 27th…

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Tip of the Week: for Tablet Users
Those of you with tablets may either complain about attached keyboards, or using the on-screen virtual keyboard. If you are the sort of person who prefers to handwrite notes at meetings or outlines of articles, etc., take a look at 7Notes HD Premium. It costs $7, and it takes a few minutes to get the hang of nuances of formatting, etc., but the cost and effort are well worth it. The handwriting recognition is uncannily accurate. If you pay the extra $2 to get the Evernote Add-on, you’ll be further rewarded with very easy integration with Evernote. 7Notes is available for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android devices.



Quixey, A Search Engine for Apps

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Have you heard of Quixey? This is a new search engine for finding apps specific to a user’s need.

QuixeyQuixey allows users to search apps by function instead of a simple name search – what do you need the app to do? It also sorts results by app type: Mobile (Android, Blackberry & Apple) Desktop (Mac or PC), Browser or Web.

Give it a go, the results are useful and a quick way to find the best app for your device or task.

iPad Legal Apps, a Top 25 List

In Check This Out on March 6, 2012 at 5:08 pm

Do you use an iPad for work or personal use?  Most likely your device is used for multiple reasons throughout the day.  Check out this list of the Top 25 iPad Apps for law students and lawyers.  What apps are you using?

Another cool app from the Library of Congress…

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Did you know that the Congressional Record is now available as an iPad app from the Library of Congress?

Check out the free app in the iTunes store or if you’re not an iPad user, please note that the same content is available at THOMAS via the Daily Digest.

More Legal Apps

In Check This Out on August 16, 2011 at 3:42 pm

With the Fall semester just around the corner, new books, apps and teaching tools are cropping up.  Two new legal apps are available for people interested in following the U.S. Supreme Court:

OyezToday offers the latest info on the business of the U.S. Supreme Court, including abstracts, searchable oral arguments and summaries.

PocketJustice is the mobile multimedia version of Chicago-Kent’s Oyez Project including abstracts, oral arguments and opinions.

Both apps are free for iOS and Android users, though HD versions are available for a fee.

More government apps

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Looking for more apps?  Check out this informative post  by the Library of Congress on congressional apps.  Also included is info on what type of device the apps functions with and cost (or free).  Which apps are you using?

Law Flashcard Apps

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Need another way to study?  Tired of books, outlines and notes?  Modality has a line of Law flashcard apps for the iPhone available for interested law students.  Check out the list of law flashcard apps for details.

Good luck with Summer classes!

10 Ten list from the White House

In Check This Out on November 29, 2010 at 4:50 pm

The White House has a Top 10 list of government apps including apps for efficient searching of fuel prices or the FBI Most Wanted List and cool NASA tools.  Check out the apps and decide which one you like best.

How many of these apps did you already have on your mobile devices?

Nebraska Apps

In Read This on October 19, 2010 at 8:35 pm

“There’s an App for that” is a newly familiar statement, it has even been trademarked by Apple.  There is a new Nebraska specific app available to iPhone and iPad users; the Nebraska Court Calendar App which is a free download in iTunes.  The web version is just a helpful and provides more information on what country courts are not included in the calendar.

A simple “Nebraska” search of apps reveals a number of state specific apps for interested users.  There is even a free driver license practice test app from the State of Nebraska.  There are triple the number of iPhone apps as iPad apps but as iPad use increases this will probably mirror results.  Most of the Nebraska apps are sports, government and law/legal, maps/directional or communication (such as radio & TV) specific.

What Nebraska app(s) would you like to see?