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Tech Tips for November 4th…

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Tech Tips of the Week:
The Constitute Project. If you are interested in seeing how constitutions of the world compare, check out, a project seeded by Google Ideas and built by faculty members from the University of Texas, University of Chicago and University College London.

CopyClip. If you do substantial amounts of writing in which you “cut and paste” from one document to multiple documents, CopyClip is an ingenious and clever new utility that will change your life. And it’s free! CopyClip stores the last 50 (by default, but can be changed to store many more) “copy” commands that ordinarily are stored one at a time on your clipboard so that you can easily go back and use those same clipboard items for later use. Find the application here, or visit the developer’s website at

PREZI is a very popular and catchy presentation platform that can literally make your presentations zip! There is an excellent iPad App that allows you to create and present PREZIs from your iPad!


Digital Tip for April 22nd…

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Tip of the Week
You may be out of town for the summer, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be out of touch with your dedicated reference library staff. At any time, or for any reason, call us. We can help with reference questions, research strategies, moral support, you name it. (The fact is, we grow lonely for you, too, over the summer, so as much as we’re here to help you with your work, we’d also love to hear from you….) 402.472.3547.

Tweet Treats During Finals
Follow the law library on Twitter (@schmidlibrary) for tweets to tasty treats in the library!


Digital Tip for March 27th…

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Tip of the Week: for Tablet Users
Those of you with tablets may either complain about attached keyboards, or using the on-screen virtual keyboard. If you are the sort of person who prefers to handwrite notes at meetings or outlines of articles, etc., take a look at 7Notes HD Premium. It costs $7, and it takes a few minutes to get the hang of nuances of formatting, etc., but the cost and effort are well worth it. The handwriting recognition is uncannily accurate. If you pay the extra $2 to get the Evernote Add-on, you’ll be further rewarded with very easy integration with Evernote. 7Notes is available for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android devices.



Digital Tip for February 11th…

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Tip(s) of the Week for February 11th:
Mac users, if you’ve been annoyed that there is no “forward-delete” function on your keyboard, then you simply aren’t aware of a very simple trick: fn-delete, will do the trick.

Digital Tips for January 29th…

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Tip(s) of the Week January 29th:

Schmidguides are a new library service we are offering to assist researchers.Schmidguides are online, web-based research guides created by the law library faculty on topics that correspond to several seminars. We will continually be adding new topics and revising and updating existing ones.

There are presently four topical Schmidguides on Copyright, Tax Policy, Comparative Law, and Provider and Patient Law. There is also a guide that lists Mobile Apps of value to law students.

As usual, we’re open to suggestions for additional topics.
If you are researching pending federal or state legislation or want to monitor the legislative activities of members of congress, there is no better source than this free web-based legislative tracking service.

The service provides excellent access to the full text of all pending legislation, sponsorships and committee activities. They have also developed a statistical model that can fairly accurately predict outcomes of proposed legislation.

There is also a feature that allows you to set up RSS feeds and receives notices about the status of pending legislation.

Digital Tip for January 22nd…

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Digital Tip(s) of the Week, January 22nd:

Undoing text on your iPhone…. if you are the ambitious type and use iWork on your iPhone, you may face a situation in any of the apps (Pages, Numbers or Keynote) where you simply want to “undo.”

The answer: shake the iPhone!

Be aware that shaking is a gesture that is written into the function of many iOS apps, so if you’re listening to music on your iOS device and it skips a song, it may simply be a function of you shaking the device.