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Law Faculty using Tumblr

In Check This Out on June 20, 2013 at 3:50 pm

Tumblr, is a micro-blogging social software platform that allows users to share information in any format including text, photos, and video. Being able to collect and post content on current events or a particular topic is a great use for this type of social software.

At the University of Nebraska College of Law, Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Richard Moberly is using Tumblr as a blog to organize and discuss the Law of Secrecy. Professor Moberly is a researcher and  expert on whistleblower protections and the law of secrecy; his recent article Whistleblowers and the Obama Presidency: The National Security Dilemma appeared in the Employee Rights & Employment Policy Journal (2012).

A number of law schools are using Tumblr as a platform to share content with users or even as a digital yearbook like Georgetown University did this year for graduation.