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Library Card for Community Users Update

In Read This on August 29, 2011 at 2:31 pm

Beginning August 1, 2011, the UNL Libraries is instituting a new community users card and fees.  This change will not affect UNL Law College alumni using the law library.

While Schmid Law Library shares a library catalog system, databases and library material with the UNL Libraries, we will not require NU Law graduates to purchase a community user card to use the Schmid Law Library collection.  The UNL Libraries and Schmid Law Library community user card for NU Law alumni is free and has a five-year expiration date that is renewable.  Nebraska Law alumni can register for a library card at the Schmid Law Library circulation desk.

The community user card fee for non-affiliated UNL users is $50 annually or $25 quarterly.  For community users who do not wish to check out material but want to use a UNL Libraries computer, Computer Use Only cards are available; this provides 90 minutes of computer access per day.  These cards are required to log onto a public computer at UNL Libraries.  Schmid Law Library has one public computer available and requires users to sign out a keyboard and mouse to use it.

Schmid Law Library takes pride in serving the NU Law College students, faculty, NU Law alumni and our Nebraska legal community.  With a print collection of over 400,000 volumes as well as a robust collection of legal databases, and professional staff to assist users, Schmid Law Library can help you find the information you need.